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November 8th 2010

Reuters Life! - A former Royal Air Force pilot with diabetes is preparing to break another record by touching down in all 50 U.S. states and show that the disease is no obstacle for enthusiasts who dream of flying.
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New Scotsman - Diabetic Scots pilot takes off for another record-breaking journey.
A SCOTTISH former Royal Air Force Pilot who was banned from flying in 1989 after being diagnosed with diabetes has set off on an attempt to land in 50 US states in a record time.
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India Times - Record-Breaking Pilot Takes to the Skies for Diabetes
"Authorities do not yet take into account continuous blood glucose monitoring which gives readings every five minutes, which is one of the most exciting developments," Cairns said. "This has tremendous implications to help lift restrictive blanket ban... FULL ARTICLE AT ABC NEWS

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